6. Invisible lights affect PresenZΒΆ

Invisible lights may interfere with PresenZ and lead to the same artifacts that we see with stencils. Holes may appear behind the invisible light.


In this scene, an area light is lighting a sphere and is set to be invisible in the V-ray light settings. As the area light is between the ZOV and the sphere, some camera rays will go from the ZOV through the invisible area light to the sphere. In this case, some rays will be stopped and cause the surface not to be evaluated properly. All the areas from the ZOV will not be covered, which will be the cause for making holes. The best way for us to fix this problem is to make sure all the lights are visible inside the 3d scene, and use the PresenZ “Lights visibility override” to properly make them invisible for the PresenZ render.

../_images/Chapter_14_02.jpg ../_images/Chapter_14_03.jpg
Check the Lights visibility override Uncheck the Lights visibility override


When make lights invisible option is checked. All lights will be invisible, even the visible ones. This PresenZ option is only needed when there are invisible lights in the scene. If you want to have both visible and invisible lights in your scene, uncheck the Lights visibility override box, and make each light invisible with the V-ray settings. Then, for the ones you want visible, model and shade their shapes.