Removing the Watermark

Understanding the watermark

We want people to have the opportunity to make test renders and do multiple iterations on their scene without having to pay each time they render. We devised a solution based on the watermark idea. But since the VR format is new, we had to define how VR watermarks should work. Baking something in the texture is the solution that gets used the most, but it won’t allow you to fully review your PresenZ render.

The answer we found is a moving watermark. This way you will be able to check every part of your scene.

Here is an example of what to expect.

With watermark:


Without watermark:


We created a tool to remove the watermark on your image once you are happy with your result. The watermark removal process will do the following automatically for you:

  • Compute a hash for your PresenZ image.
  • Send this hash to the PresenZ website.
  • Use one of your ( paid ) credits to create a digital signature on the hash. ( With your confirmation )
  • Download the signature and incorporate it into the PresenZ image file.
  • With a correct digital signature, correspongind to the image hash, there won’t be any watermark displayed.

As a result removing the watermark does not require you to rerender the scene.

It’s important to note that we do not upload any of your images, we only get the hash. This way your scenes and PresenZ renders stay confidential.

As a convience to our users, we maintain a database of the already signed hash, so you should normally not have to pay twice for the same PresenZ image.

Removing the watermark on your image with the PresenZ Dashboard

To remove a watermark you will have to buy credits on ( One credit removes one watermark ), and you will have to download the PresenZ Dashboard to remove these watermarks from your images.

A watermarked image in the PresenZ Dashboard will be recognizable with a watermark on the thumbnail.

For example:


You can remove this watermark by clicking the watermark>remove on selection, which will open the website in the built-in browser application. You will be directed to the PresenZ website login.

You will see a list in red, these are the images that need their watermark removed. If the text is in green, the image has already had their watermark removed and will not charge you any credits. After you have checked the list of images you can press the button.

Afterwards, the dashboard will remove the watermark from the selected files.


You are ready to see your PresenZ image without watermarks.