Merger Utility


This utility will take a series of .przRender files generated by the different presenZ passes and will transform them in a file format compatible with the PresenZ VR Viewer ( Prz File ). You will be able to drag and drop this file in the PresenZ Dashboard.


There are 3 ways to merge your files.

3D Authoring Software PresenZ Plugin

When using the PresenZ render dialog you will see that there is an option ” Merge files after rendering ” , simply check the box to automatically merge the files after the render is done, or press the merge button.


PresenZ Merger UI

You may also wish to manually merge the different passes by using the PresenZ Merger. For instance if you just made a modification on the glasses and would like to remerge without relaunching all the other render passes.

You can press the merger ui icon the floatin toobar to open the application.


Or you can navigate to it in your folders. The PresenZ utilities are installed in the desired location when you installed the PresenZ authoring tools. By default it is most likely in C:\Program Files\PresenZ\Version .


You see the presenz_merger_UI.exe , double click and launch it.


Press the scan folder button, and navigate to the folder where your output render files are our 3D Authoring Software. The files are of the type .PRZRENDER with a suffix VR_0 to VR_8 and primary or secondary to represent the pass. .. image:: img/MergerScanUI.PNG


Note that is is normal that the VR08_primary is missing form the list, this peculiar pass actually outputs a technical pass and not really a render.

You can see that all the files have been found by the merger UI. If you did not render with a background, here you can add a background image. It works the same as a skydome would work inside a 3ds application. Just drag an image with the format of 4000x2000 on the allocated space.

You can queue up all the folders you wish, and then select the ones you wish to be merged.


If you are ready press the Merge! button. Afterwards your Prz files will be put in the root directory of the selected folder to merge.


Background Image

When you have scanned a folder you wish to merge and select it, you will be able to add a background image. ( For example: a skydome )


Simply drag and drop your background image onto the location.


When pressing merge it will merge the image file into your prz volumetric image.

V-ray Frame buffer color correction

If you are using the VFB’s color correction tools, whether it is to convert your image to sRGB, or a simple exposure correction. PresenZ will automatically export the settings into a vfbColorSettings.vccglb file. If you are manually merging through the presenz_merger_UI you will have to add this file. When you click to load the vcc, navigate to your folder with your presenz output.

../_images/vfbcc.PNG ../_images/vfbccyes.PNG

When pressing merge it will add your VFB color corrections to your file.

VFBCC manual export

In case you are happy with your rendered result, but you wish to only adjust the color settings for your render. You can do so by doing the following.

Inside the V-Ray frame buffer there is a large button above the settings Globals... , with this button you can save your file as a .vccglb.


Now that you have this vccglb file you can use it inside the presenz_merger_UI to merge with the new color corrections, without having to render all over again.

PresenZ command prompt merging

  • Open a windows command prompt.
  • Make sure you are in the root directory of the merger. Example command cd C:\Program Files\PresenZ\Merger , press enter to apply.
  • Type presenz_merger, or drag and drop the presenZ_merger.exe into the command prompt.
  • Give the path for the file you want to merge, containing the przRender files.
  • Press Enter for the merge.
  • Example command line: presenz_merger C:\Sten\Testing\Testing_Box3
  • You will be left with a prz file as output. This is the file you use for viewing your scene.

Command-line Flags

-h --help --usage :
Display a help message with all the supported flags.
input ( Arg ) :
Root directory path to the input przRender files.
--output ( Arg ) :
Root directory path to the output of a prz file.
-r --frameRange Arg0,Arg1 :
Merge from frame range, for example: r 0,20 will merge frame 0 to frame 20.
--lift Arg0,Arg1,Arg2 :
Will lift the image by these values. Applied before OCIO conversion. ( Default : 0.0,0.0,0.0 )
--gain Arg0,Arg1,Arg2 :
Will multiply the image by these values. Applied before OCIO conversion ( Default : 1.0,1.0,1.0 )
--pow Arg0,Arg1,Arg2 :
Will apply a power of these values to the image. Applied before OCIO conversion ( Default : 1.0,1.0,1.0 )
--VFBPreset Arg(File path) :
Path to VFBPreset file.
--OCIOconfig Arg(File path) :
Path to an OCIO config file.
--applycolorspaceFrom Arg :
Define the original OCIO colorspace of an image ( default: linear )
--applycolorspaceTo Arg :
Apply this OCIO colorspace to an image ( default: linear )
--mindist Arg :
Overwrite the minimal Z distance in the file ( Default 0 )
--maxdist Arg :
Overwrite the maximum Z distance in the file ( Default 1e30)
--colorTolerance Arg :
Overwrite the tolerance when merging. Higher = Merge more.
--normalTolerance Arg :
Overwrite the tolerance when merging. Lower = Merge more.
--PlaneTolerance Arg :
Specifies the verbose level of information printed to the stnadard output. ( Default 3 )
--mergeHypertangent bool :
If present, Does not take the tangency factor for mergering. (Merge more)
-l --fullVerbose :
Activates full verbosity. Disabled on sequense ( Default: false )
-x --overwriteBinary :
Overwrites existing prz.