2. Changelog

2.1. Update version 4.1.0

Feature Changes:

  • Streamlined the loading of a multibox scene where the ZOV closest to the viewer will load first. This will help the immersion and the experience of the viewer.

  • Added a loading visual if you are entering an unloaded ZOV.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the multibox offset images were being incorrectly displayed in the grid on the Dashboard UI.

  • Added an error message when not properly reading a przList file.

  • Fixed a connection error that showed up when closing the viewer.

2.2. Update version 4.0.0

Feature Changes:

  • We have removed the menu to remove watermarks for the pay per image system. We have changed to a monthly/yearly license system. For more information visit the buy section on the website.

  • The thumbnail will no longer show a watermark for a prz file.

Bug Fixes:

  • Updated the viewer compatibility with newer versions of OpenVR.

  • Previously the Zone of View height was not saved correctly for each PresenZ render separately. This is now working correctly.

2.3. Update version 3.0.0

New Features:

  • It is now possible the get a monthly or yearly license for the PresenZ Viewer/Player.

  • Under Help->Request license information, you are able to get the UUID you will need for the license.

Bug Fixes:

  • A general improvement of image quality.

  • A various amount of small bugs were fixed.

2.4. Update version 2.0.0

New Features:

  • Teleport: You are able to place teleport points between scenes through the teleport menu. Once placed the viewer can look at the teleport points and warp towards that point.

  • Update prz file: Findable in the edit menu, or Ctrl+U. This will allow you to replace the selected prz file with a new one, keeping all the settings. This is primarily useful to keep your teleport points, but add an iteration of the prz file.

2.5. Update version 1.7.0

New Features :

  • Free roam: You will be able to go outside the boundaries of the ZOV, in addition you can toggle to see the ZOV shape in free roam. The missing geometry will be filled in by a blur. More information inside the dashboard documentation.

  • Audio: You can now add .tbe and .opus directional audio files to your PresenZ images. Looped endlessly, or will automatically go to the next image when the box is checked.

Bug Fixes :

  • Fixed a bug where the responsiveness for 4k monitors was not correct.

  • Changed the default value of “Global Glow” to 0.1.