If you are seeing the watermark on your PresenZ images (blue lines moving through the scene) and wish to remove it you must obtain a license file. Contact Parallaxter for more information (note that a PresenZ in Unreal license file is different from the generic PresenZ player license available on the website).

To remove the watermark the license file (file extension ‘.lic’) must be placed in the same directory as the executable that is using it. While working on the project this will be the Unreal editor. For a released project it will be the project executable which is placed directly in the build directory.


All files in this package are covered by the End User License Agreement (EULA), unless noted otherwise below. Using these files means you agree to all terms and conditions described in the EULA. If you do not or can not agree to the terms and conditions in the EULA, do not use any of the files to which the EULA applies. The EULA can be found in ‘EULA.txt’.

The PresenZ assets in this package are provided to you under the CC-BY 4.0 license. The term ‘PresenZ assets’ is understood to mean the following files contained within the PresenZ package:

  • C# scripts (file extension ‘.cs’)

  • C++ files (file extension ‘.cpp’)

  • C++ header files (file extension ‘.h’)

  • Unreal Plugin description (file extension ‘.uplugin’)

The CC-BY 4.0 license can be found in ‘CC-BY 4.0.txt’ and at the Creative Commons website.