The Hardware needed for PresenZ viewing


The PresenZ Viewer uses DirectX12, hence it will only run with Windows 10.


The Viewer can be used with any OpenVR Compatible Headset

  • HTC Vive

  • Oculus

  • Microsoft Mixed Reality

  • StarVR


For the moment we only support NVidia Cards with a minimum of 6GB RAM.

  • The DashBoard/Viewer allows you in desktop mode to pre-visualise the PresenZ rendering on your Monitor. For that mode a GTX 1050 should suffice, since you’re not bound to any frame rate to avoid cybersickness.

  • For the VR Mode we suggest to be able to see the more heavy scenes to use a GTX 1080.


  • Intel i7 or i9, minimum 4 cores with 2.8 Ghz base frequency.


  • Minimum Ram: 16 GB of DDR4


  • For movie playback we need 20 PCIE 3.0 lanes. 16 for the graphics card and 4 for the NVME SSD. So the Processor/chipset association should provide those lanes. We successfully used: X99,X299, H170,H270,H370, Z170,Z270,Z370

SSD For Animation:

The PresenZ Player for animated content ( available on request ) can run the movie from an SSD.

It needs to be a fast NVme PCIExpress 3.0 4x lane SSD that can sustain high bandwidth ( up to 1.5 GBytes/s ) for long periods without going into thermal throttling.

We highly recommend the models we have successfully stress-tested:

  • Intel 750

  • Intel 760p with Heatsink mandatory

  • Samsung 970 Pro with heatsink mandatory

Note: Samsung EVO models and previous Samsung Pro’s don’t work.