The Hardware needed for PresenZ viewing

The PresenZ Viewer uses DX12, therefor it will only run with Windows 10. In VR Mode, the Viewer can be used with any OpenVR Compatible Headset and the StarVR headset in “native” mode.


For the moment we only support NVidia Cards.

  • The DashBoard/Viewer allows you in desktop mode to per-visualise the PresenZ rendering on your Monitor. For that mode a GTX 1050 should suffice, since you’re not bound to any frame rate to avoid cybersickness.
  • For the VR Mode we suggest to be able to see the more heavy scenes to use a GTX 1080.
  • For StarVr due to the high-definition and High Field of View, we recommand GTX 1080Ti.


  • Intel i7 or i9, minimum 4 cores with 2.8 Ghz base frequency.


  • Minimum Ram: 16 GB of DDR4


  • X99,X299, H170,H270,H370, Z170,Z270,Z370

SSD For Animation:

The Dashboard/Viewer only allows to play fixed images for the moment. We can provide a Player for animated content on request.

For animated content, you will certainly run out of memory but the Player let’s you run from an SSD.

It needs to be a fast NVme PCIExpress 3.0 4x lane SSD. The one tested successfully for Location Based Entertainment and that is holding the bandwidth continiously is the:

  • Intel 750 series ( on any form: M2, U2 adaptor or directly as PCIe )

Only for short demos we successfully ran:

  • Samsung 970 Pro with an extra Heatsink, but attention due to it’s reduced size, it may overheat and go into thermal throttle on the long run.