G. Edit teleport points window.


There is a video in the tutorial section that explains step by step how to set up a teleporter. Click on this link to get to the Video Tutorial section

Introduction to Teleportation.

Teleport points allow a viewer to jump to a new .PRZ image in VR by just looking at a teleport icon. When a viewer looks at a teleport icon, a timer represented by a growing circle will appear around it. If the viewer keeps looking at the icon until the circle completes, he will be teleported to the new .PRZ image.


Note that there are two main usage applications for the teleporters: change location and modify the VR scene.

  • Change Location: the new PRZ image represents an entire new location. For example, moving from the living room to the kitchen. This type of teleporter is usually represented by the following icon:

  • Scene modifier: Here the .PRZ image we teleport to, is at the same location, but something changes the scene. For instance, changing the colour of a sofa, typically we set the colour of the icon to the change it makes. Usually we represent these types of teleporters by the following icon:


Entering Edit Teleport Mode

First, you have to define for which image you want to add or change the teleport points. Select the .PRZ image and type CTRL+T or, through the menu, select Teleport-> Edit teleport points. Notice that a “T” symbol appears over the thumbnail, indicating that this image is in Edit Teleport mode.


Only one image can be in Edit Teleport mode at the time. Selecting another image won’t turn that one into Edit Teleport mode.

Once you have entered “Edit Teleport Mode” for an image the edit teleport window will appear on the right side of the Dashboard.


Adding Teleporters

Now that we have one .PRZ image in “Edit Teleport Mode” , we can start adding teleporters to this image.

To add a teleport point: Drag and drop another .PRZ image into the edit teleport window, this will create a teleport point (also called a “link”) to that image. in the image below we have added three teleport points.


Once you have some points edited, information about those points will be displayed here (such as the position, icon, size, and color). When copy/pasting, this is the information that will be copied, not the file itself.

Editing teleporters

To edit a teleport point: The editing of the teleport point is done in VR. If you have your image open in VR Mode you will be able to change the location, icon, size, and color of your teleporters using your VR controllers. For a more detailed overview of the editing possibilities, please refer to the Video Tutorial section.