D. Prz image parameters.ΒΆ


These parameters apply for the selected .PRZ images.

  • Free roam: Allows the user to walk freely inside the VR scene by breaking the boundaries of the ZOV. When breaking the boundaries of the ZOV, some geometries might be missing, those parts will be filled in by blurring the closest matching color.

  • Override global glow: Will override the global glow setting for the selected .PRZ images to the desired value.

  • Image glow: By default 1.00, this value will be used to overwrite the global glow in the selected .PRZ images.

  • Default Rotation: Changes the default rotation of the selected .PRZ images. This rotates the whole VR scene around the ZOV, to redefine what direction is forward for the VR user.

  • Background Rotation: Rotates the background spherical image. Can be used to match your orientation of the skydome in your 3D authoring program.

  • Edit Background Image: Used to add or replace the background spherical image


This will REWRITE in your .PRZ file the background spherical image. This is not undoable.