C. PresenZ Viewer and play controls.ΒΆ


You can launch the viewer in two different ways:

  • Desktop Mode: This does not require a virtual reality headset to play. You can simply view the .PRZ image on your standard computer display screen.

  • VR Mode: This will launch PresenZ in VR mode, for this you will need a headset and SteamVR to be properly installed.

Once the viewer window opens, it will show the selected .PRZ image. You can simply click on another image to see it in the viewer. The following play controls will be activated:

  • Previous/next: Will cycle you through the .PRZ images.

  • Slideshow: Will cycle through your .PRZ images, you can choose the image duration in seconds.

  • Volume Slider: You can control the volume for the audio with this slider.

  • Reset Height: Resets the ZOV vertical position to the current height of the VR headset.

  • Reset View: Resets the ZOV horizontal position to the current horizontal position of the VR headset.

  • Glow (global): By default set to 0.10 . Will increase the glow on all your .PRZ images in the project. The glow value describes how much a very bright pixel influences the neighbouring pixels in the display.

  • Display the ZOV when free roaming: When using the free roam feature this will display the ZOV boundaries in your scene.