Batch Rendering

In order to do batch rendering with PresenZ, you will have to add a Max script that will be executed at pre-render. This script is automatically installed with your PresenZ installation in the following location: ...\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 20xx\MaxScript\


Since 3dsmax2023

a new security test in 3dsmax prevents preRender scripts to be executed in batchRendering mode. you must disable this test to perform batch renderings with PresenZ. go to mainMenuBar->customize->Preferences->security Tab, and check “exclude scripts asset”.

It is not possible to set .prz as a fileformat from the -outputname anymore. Use a standard image format instead (see the example below), the PresenZ plugin will do the overriding autpmaticaly.

In 3ds Max open the Render Setup window. Under the Scripts section, include the ...\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 20xx\MaxScript\ script in the Pre-Render subsection.


After giving the path to the script, make sure to enable the script by checking the “Pre-Render Enable” checkbox.


Check the Pre-Render Enable box if you are rendering with Backburner or in batch mode. Since 2.5.8 It’s not necessary to disable this option in Interactive Rendering mode.


Open the batch rendering window by clicking in 3ds Max the Rendering Menu -> Batch Render or - in the enhanced menu - Rendering Menu -> Tools (Rendering Set) -> Batch Render. Press the Add button to add several tasks to the queue, like you usually would, and select the desired PresenZ camera you want to render from for each task.

You can link presets and scene states to your camera if you are in multibox rendering context for instance.

  1. Enable the ‘Net Render’ checkbox and click ‘render’ to export the batch to “backburner”.

  2. Click the ‘Export to .bat…’ button and follow the section below.


3dsMax does not support the use of the PRZ extension in the output path from the batch render dialog. But since 2.5.8, PresenZ allows you to use the PNG extension instead of PRZ. Our BatchRenderingScript will subtitute PNG by PRZ before the PresenZ rendering starts.


Unfortunately PresenZ does not support interactive batch rendering. ( Clicking ‘render’ with ‘Net Render’ disabled )

CommandLine Rendering

To render PresenZ in command line you can run the BAT file you exported from 3dsmax.

You will need to naviguate to the 3dsMax installation directory first. And call your BAT file directly.


Having a look at the content of a BAT file exported by 3dsMax is a good start to edit your own command line. There is two views to render in the BAT file below, one for each camera.


From this point it is easy to change the resolution, the output path or the camera. The command below also set the rendering resolution