Vray Specifics

Invisible Lights in Vray

In previous versions of PresenZ, invisible lights in Vray would sometimes cause holes during the detection phase. The problem with invisible lights in Vray, was that though they were indeed not visible in the render phase, they were still intersecting our probe rays during the detection phase of PresenZ. This was a problem caused by the Vray render engine through its implementation of “invisible objects”; they aren’t truly invisible, just not detectable to render rays.

This issue has been resolved in version 2.0.0 of PresenZ.

PresenZ still allows you to set all light to invisible/visible as an optimization feature. When setting your lights to invisible, it will still cast light onto the scene, its only the geometry of the light that will be omitted in the render. If your scene contains a lot of lights, setting them all to either invisible/visible allows PresenZ to not have to check the visibility of each light individually, thus speeding up the rendering process.