1. Download and Launch

You can download the PresenZ Authoring Tools from our website Once you have downloaded PresenZ for your correct version of 3ds Max and V-Ray, you will end up with an installation .exe for PresenZ.


When you launch the installer you will be welcomed by the following screen.


Please follow the instructions on the installation launcher.


2. Installation folders

The installer will generate a location path to where your files would normally be. If this is not the case for your particular setup, please adjust to the correct location.

  • The first is your 3ds Max installation folder.

  • The second is your V-Ray plugin for 3ds Max installation folder.

  • The third is the PresenZ utilities folder, this location is independent of any third-party software. We advise to keep the default one.

../_images/installation_031.PNG ../_images/installation_041.PNG

3. Finishing the installation

../_images/installation_051.PNG ../_images/installation_061.PNG ../_images/installation_071.PNG

4. Remove PresenZ

If you wish to remove PresenZ ,or modify the installation, you can simply relaunch the .exe PresenZ installer and you can follow the steps to complete the procedure.


Enjoy your PresenZ VR experience!