11. Rendering inside the ZOVΒΆ

It is possible to reverse the concept of PresenZ: instead of rendering everything outside of the ZOV, you can also render objects inside of it. By doing so, you essentially invert the ZOV. This can be used to present objects in 3D space while providing the freedom to completely walk around it and view the object from every possible angle. This is particularly useful for presenting a product or a conceptual design. It also adds the option to let an object traverse the ZOV seamlessly hereby creating an even more captivating experience.

The feature to render inside the ZOV allows for Augmented Reality (AR) implementations.

It should be mentioned that rendering inside the ZOV does increase the computational complexity of a scene, thus increasing the rendering time. We recommend only enabling this feature when actually having scene geometry that is located within the ZOV.

In the following image we show a render of a robot inside the ZOV. The viewer can completely walk around it and view it from any angle he desires.