12. Rendering inside the ZOV

The PresenZ rendering technique can also be used to render objects inside the Zone of View (ZOV) instead of outside it. This essentially inverts the ZOV, allowing you to present objects in 3D space and providing the viewer with the freedom to walk around it and view the object from every possible angle. This feature is particularly useful for presenting products or conceptual designs and can create a more captivating experience by allowing objects to traverse the ZOV seamlessly.

Rendering inside the ZOV also enables the implementation of Augmented Reality (AR) applications. However, it’s important to note that rendering inside the ZOV increases the computational complexity of the scene, which can result in longer rendering times. Therefore, we recommend enabling this feature only when there is scene geometry located inside the ZOV.

The following image shows an example of a robot rendered inside the ZOV, allowing the viewer to walk around it and view it from any angle.