13. Rendering grass, hairs and trees with the Chaotic object tag.


If you’re working on a scene with complex geometry, such as vegetation or carpet fibers, you can speed up your rendering process by using the PresenZ Chaotic object tag. This tag reduces the number of unnecessary points rendered for complex objects and decreases the overall render time.

13.1. How does it work?

To achieve this, PresenZ divides the space around the Zone of View (ZOV) into 8x8 pixel patches, with a variable depth. As the distance from the center increases, the slices become deeper, as we don’t require as much detail further away from the ZOV.


For each patch, PresenZ computes a maximum of 8x8 pixels (64 pixels) instead of the original complexity of your objects. Without this process, leaves or grass could generate hundreds of points for the same area. This approach can significantly reduce the complexity of your scene and speed up rendering. The Chaotic object tag is especially useful for rendering grass, hairs, and trees, and can be a great addition to your workflow.