15. Motion vectors and Animation


Motion vectors are used by PresenZ to smooth the motion of animated objects in the volumetric image at display time. They hold local information about the motion of each object for each frame. The motion vectors can be computed by most rendering engines and can be incorporated into a compositing software. The motion vectors represent the position of an object at the next frame or at half of the next frame, or they can describe the trajectory of objects from half of the previous frame to the current frame. This depends on the settings and the user’s needs.

PresenZ requires a specific type of motion vector that describes the trajectory of objects from the current frame to the next frame. This tells PresenZ exactly where an object will be at the next frame, allowing it to smoothly animate the object in the volumetric image.



Our authoring plugins can detect when the rendering is in an animation context and will prompt the user to apply the motion vector settings automatically.