17. Quick Tips

Some miscellaneous helpful tips for PresenZ

  • Camera : Make sure your camera is visible to PresenZ, don’t put it on a hidden layer. Be also sure the camera is not locked and has got its parameters editable.

  • Render Scale: PresenZ uses the metric system, more precisely, the default unit is 1 cm. By default the render scale is set to 1.0 (1.0 unit in your authoring tool = 1 centimeter ). If you are using the imperial units system you will have to adjust your render scale accordingly. The conversion would be , 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters. You should set the new render scale to 2.54. Please refer to the Render Scale Section for more information.

  • ZOV: By default the Zone of View is 1m, 0.5m, 1m. If you want to have a standing experience with the virtual ground matching the real ground, it is recommended to increase the ZOV height to at least 1 meter, to accommodate for different people heights. Eventually, depending on your scene, you might use a multibox setup to achieve this, which you can find inside the documentation.

  • Quick Tests: Remember that you can change the renderer resolution of PresenZ to perform quick tests. Don’t be afraid to use 1200x800 or even 720x480 to make quick test renders. It can be combined with Draft Mode.

  • Command Line Merging: When using the merger.exe to merge your rendered files ( .przRenders ) into a .PRZ file for the Viewer. Make sure that the directory of the merger is your current directory, so it can find the necessary files.